Another School Year!

Sunday, September 18, 2016
I secretly loved last year because there weren't any "firsts" or new steps in heading to school.  Everyone already kind of knew their way.  This year, Cole is alone at the elementary (handling it just fine) and Will ventured onto junior high.  After a slight feeling of overwhelm the first couple days, he has rose to the occasion and seems to be keeping up just fine. 
Truth: this is the second day.  #momfail

Locker combo stress!  Wish there was a way to promise them after a few days it will be nothing!

Junior Highers!  Truth: Paige got dress-coded for these shorts.  What can I say?  We were (ARE) still in summer mode.
I am forever thankful for the ease at which all things "school" come to my kids.  Overall, each day is relatively stress-free and enjoyed by them!  I know this isn't true for everyone, and so I try to remind myself of that regularly.

After the first week, the kids and I worked another successful Farm Day!  And...BONUS! We came home with a new pet!  This is Rio, the $5 bunny.  Only she really cost near $100.  But, after some getting into routine, she proves to be a fun addition!

The cage doesn't look a thing like this anymore, and learn.

Was going to be everyone's pet, but lives in Paige's room and she mainly cares for her.  But fun for all!

Harness: $12.  A good idea in theory, but bunnies are escape artists and we probably don't trust this harness.
Cole finished up his football season (but still plays plenty backyard and playground football) in the first week of school...

Not a winning season, but a great win to close the season!
Up next, a great getaway to Michigan on the first 3-day weekend!


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