Onto a New School Year

Tuesday, August 29, 2017
You guys.  This year I'm juggling three different schools.  (In case you can't picture it, that's 3 different bus routes, 3 different curriculum nights, 3 different school schedules and 3 different buildings to be involved in).  Some people have more than 3 kids.  They must be some sort of wizard to get it all done.

It has been a rather smooth transition into 9th, 7th and 4th grade!

The first weekend after classes began = sleeping in and FARM DAY!  We all took part again and Jamie brought the kids down to enjoy the day.

Just before that, we headed up to the Fox's for a quick visit while Paige was making her way home from NC.  This gave us an impromptu boat trip on the lakes.  The boys were feeling fulfilled!  They've been dying to get back out on the Fox boat!

Tail End of Summer

With planning a getaway becoming more like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle with each person's schedules, we were SO glad that we signed on to the second half of the Eggers' trip in Cincinnati, OH.  Of course, the Eggers did have car trouble on the way out and we did  have car trouble as we left, which made things a little interesting, but it didn't cloud our good memories made at both King's Island and the Cincinnati zoo!
Petting a snake

Love this picture!

A little drizzle didn't interfere with our snacking plans!

"Each boat must have a person at least 14 years old."  Sarah lost this round of rock, paper, scissors. 

King's Island - beautiful weather, short lines, fun rides!

Renee and Cole

We all rode this full-family-drench ride!

One more camping trip planned for the season!

Just days later, Paige took a road trip to North Carolina to visit Aunt Beth, Uncle Mike, Uncle Jim and visiting cousin Katherine.  It was a great, special time!  Here are some of the correspondence pictures I received assuring me she was alive and well.

Here's to a future of more great experiences and travels!


Tuesday, July 25, 2017
I'm so excited I'm up to date, as Will actually turns 12 TODAY!  He continues to amaze us with his quirky tastes and ideas, and his witty sense of humor.  (For example, his party meal consisted of pork burgers from the county farm bureau.  For real.)  Junior High has been a breezy transition and he is becoming more interested in self-presentation.  He includes his little brother in all things and has bonded more with his sister as they shared a school this past year.

We celebrated with a family lunch followed by a group of buds coming over for pizza, a bonfire and sleepover.  It had Will written all over it.

I especially love the enthusiasm on the onlookers' faces.  Sheesh

Jacob.  Hanging out.

Some name games and a little concentration

Michigan Wedding!

Yes, this does deserve it's own post because the kids have come to love heading north for celebrations with the MI relatives and this one was FUN! Congratulations to Zac and Rachel, who are currently in Hawaii.  *sigh*


We are strangely approaching the point where I need to be the one in front.

Free drinks.  Like, all night.

Dance floor was hopping!

For posterity's sake, I also need to document how absolutely hilarious Jamie's kids were.  Jacob, with his obsession with any girl wearing a bridesmaid dress, and Olivia, staying on the dance floor late into the night---thumb in mouth twirling hair!

Fourth of July

It makes sense that I'm posting about the 4th of July on Will's actual birthday because he maintains that it is his favorite holiday and that his childhood would be ruined if we didn't celebrate in the multiple-day backyard camping fashion we do at the Fox's house.  This year didn't disappoint.  More beautiful weather.  Another great fireworks display.  More food.  Lots of fun!

Before the 4th, we had a very special opportunity in our community to host the Vietnam Memorial Moving Wall.  It brought more meaning to the Independence day holiday and was very moving, indeed!

Onto Mid-Summer

Just before we head on a camping trip that will bring us home heavy into back-to-schoolness, I'd like to recap a few other things that this summer has brought.

1) PrairieFest!  Always a favorite!

For Dickson-Murst Farm

High School Cheer

Father's Day
2) Raging Waves

3) Nature-y Stuff
4) More Pool/Water Play

5) Backyard sports

6) And plenty of sleeping in, friends over, a fair share of whining, movie-watching, book-reading and just plain lying low.  Which feels good sometimes.