Three Day Weekends....

Tuesday, October 11, 2016
...And why they're great:  Because there's three days and lots of possibilities!

Take the first 3-dayer of this school year, for example.  We took a camping trip to Michigan (St. Joseph) for some beach, shopping, eating and orchards.  So after a long trek through the Indiana snarl they call the expressway (we planned for this...dinner packed and everything)...we made it in the dark and set up camp.

Snacks and games

 The beach, though beautiful, was piping hot and the water was FREEZING cold!  So we spent less time than we thought here.  But there was an outdoor market, great shopping and food, so we spent a lot of time downtown.
Exploring some historical memorials

That's right!  This wine is still in my wine rack!  (wine tasting...check!)

Where you can find Paige

Beautiful St. Joseph beach

Sweet treats!  *sigh* I want to go back

Awesome view and greatest splash park ever!

Apple picking followed by chocolate tasting!  Can't go wrong!

 I hesitate to book the first weekends of a new school year because everyone is a bit "worn."  But this relaxing, beautiful re-charge trip was just what we all needed to take a moment to bond, recharge, and keep going!


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