Summer Summary Part 3

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

At first, we weren't committing to the two-part Wisconsin camping getaway my sister and family had planned, but finally signed on and are glad we did!

It started with 3 nights in Oshkosh for the air show.  We spent 2 days at this great event and the rest of the time fishing, jumping on the jump pillow, swimming in the pool and hanging out at the campground.
gone fishin'

virtual flying reality.  Emphasis on reality because when Cole did it, he actually reached for the joystick.

They all did the bungee trampolining

A sky-written thanks to the volunteers.  Major flying talent!

We got to meet these pilots

A Star Wars plane?  That's worthy of a picture!

Flying drones, virtual planes, etc.

Pilots in training.

Ready for the airshow.

Then, we skipped over to the Dells area where we camped right on the river in great sites and got passes to the Chula Vista water park.  These days were filled with water parking, river swimming, boating, and enjoying the campground.  (Also a little food borne illness for Shawn and split open chin for Cole, but details).
pontoon boats: faster than they look

river rats

This guy was in charge of our safety

Four steps down from our campsite

Downtown Dells

And the joy of really enjoying a sunset

Well, we've done more things...visits from friends, fun days out, but this pretty much sums up our summer.  I mean, Will just finished his summer reading project with hours to spare, so let the school year begin!


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