Summer Summary Part 2

Sunday, August 14, 2016
I'll start with 2 major birthdays.  First, we officially have a tween in the household.  Again.  In case you're not keeping track, that's 2 junior highers, leaving the elementary school days of snack time and field days dwindling to 1 kid.  I'm excited for Will, of course.  I think he needs this challenge and though it will be a transition, look forward to seeing him rise to the occasion.

He still wants a birthday party, though.  Preferably with balloons.  This time we went to the movies and had a few buds spend the night, then had the family over to help celebrate.
the boy gang

Lucky kid...with an accomplished birthday wishlist.

eleven candles

The other birthday party we celebrated was Rich's grandmother's 92nd.  She and Aunt Ginny have been visiting for quite some time now (heading back to the sunshine state today), that allowed us to gather for this occasion!  We had a nice somewhat surprise dinner in her honor.

Later, Olivia had her first solo sleepover at grandma and papa's house, but first we all went to the Cougar's game for Frozen night.  Olivia was getting tired at about her bedtime until we fueled her with cotton candy, dippin' dots and more!  Then she was ready to stay late for the great fireworks display!

Don't be fooled.  She's just here for the Dippin' Dots

Then we went on a great Wisconsin camping vacation.  This will get its own post.

After that, we got together with my dad's side of the family which we termed "cousin fest."  We have many cousins on this side of which we have not seen in a very long time.  This gathering of all 16 great grand children of my grandmother's (who got to join us for a while) was unprecedented and quite special.
Count them if you don't believe me

Jacob (10 months) and Annie (7 months)

Name a (somewhat dangerous) backyard activity...we did it.  Zip lining, tractor driving, roof climbing, etc.

Great grandma Jo and Annie Mae - separated in age by a mere 95 years.

72 hours until school and still more summer to catch up on...


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