Summer Summary Part 1

Wednesday, August 10, 2016
My goal is to update the rest of our summer in a series of posts before the onslaught of homework, bus times and schedules in less than a week. 

Let me start by saying that Will had a great time on his team's All Star baseball team.  They were undefeated in the tournament!

Every summer I make a master list of fun ideas of things to do with our days and a list of things that need to be done (think doctor appointments, band camps, etc.).  This way, if we see a stretch of days  with some nice free time, we can go to our list and pick something that sounds good to everyone.  We went for a picnic lunch to nearby Cantigny Park in Wheaton and the Eggers joined us.  I knew it was fun to walk around and there were cannons the kids were encouraged to climb on.  The day was beautiful and we were completely wowed by the war museum!

Then, there are those activities that are a the 4th or July!  Celebrated again at the Fox's backyard campground.  Again, blessed with great weather and days of eating & playing, we instantly look forward to the next!
He's goin' in!

We bring Milo.  He's the life of the party as you can tell.

Panoramic view

We met new friends

Bags tourney

Ready for the candy haul at the parade!

Celebrating America's birthday - CHECK! Stay tuned for other noteworthy events of July (including some other birthdays!)


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