Springtime highlight!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Among the household projects (window guys currently at my home making it possible to actually see out of our windows again), pollen allergies , baseball season startup, and school year crunch time, spring brings a birthday in this household.  This year, he has 8 years under his belt.

Cole has become such a firecracker.  His small, compact build makes possible speed and agility that comes easily.  He can hold his own among those older (along with a new-found temper shining through when the situation calls for it) and has become quite the athlete.  In fact, recess football games are a mainstay for him and his friends.  So, this year we decided he could have the biggest birthday party he'll probably have at a local training center to play football with an ex-Chicago Bears football player. 

We invited 13 boys and guess what?  They all could make it! ;) It was a high-energy hour of constant football action followed by Jimmy John's sandwiches (Cole's favorite) and cupcakes.  Definitely a celebration that perfectly represented our new 8 year old.

 The following evening we had a family gathering to celebrate!  Thankful for the beautiful weather that allowed us to be outside and led to a neighborhood "scary" game that had Olivia right in the middle!
Kylo Ren.  This plus new Nerf guns.  You can imagine.

Cole and baby Jacob

Wearing 3 layers; Cubs tshirt, Manning jersey, Schwarber jersey.  This is SO Cole.
I'm so thankful for this kid.  Sure, he talks a lot, wears more accessories than I do, and his organizational strategies are "unconventional," but he is ALWAYS on top of things, helps me when I'm looking like I need it, and will always choose to do something together versus alone.  Happy birthday, Cole Everett!


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