Thursday, June 9, 2016
Better late than never!  My vacation from blog updates appropriately depicts how busy the end of the the school year plus baseball season can get!  We're well into summer break now.  The kids have already mastered sleeping in; summer chores are getting done with little complaint, and I've fed an average of 1 extra kid for lunch every day!

But first, let's rewind.  Deep breath and...

1) Will, along with his 5th grade class, took part in the "Panthers on the Run" tradition at his school...a 2-hour relay in which Will individually ran 5.5 miles!  It was an impressive, inspiring morning for all the kids!

2) Field Day!  I volunteered the whole day that managed to stay dry.  The kids love this day and my game of yard tic tac toe was highly competitive!

  The Focus.

3) Paige went to Six Flags and performed (receiving first place) with the 7th grade band!  It was a full, fun day! She also made the 8th grade cheer team!

4) Good grades to wind up the year!  In addition, Cole received the boy character award for 2nd grade and Will received top score in a national math test!

5) Garden Planted!

6) Camping trip to Starved Rock the weekend school let out!  Perfect weather!
This is a meltdown.

Pre-hike pic!

Family pic!
7) The last weekend of April we headed to Michigan for a Abby and Brice's wonderful wedding!

8) A trip to the Cougars game for school reading, and then a whole family trip to Wrigley for the first time! (Rich's birthday present)!
He wanted a ball.  So. Bad.

Great Grandpa Fischer's memorial brick!

Go Cubs! (unfortunately, they didn't.  They lost)

See the girl behind us?  Yeah, Paige wasn't a fan of hers.

9)  Quick visit from the Diehls as they headed to meet their new niece/cousin!

Picture recreation from one taken almost 8 years prior.

Snacks, beer and cards.  Like college all over again.

10)  Lastly, summer down time!  Soaking it in as we are only more and  more aware of how fast time flies!

Okay, so into week 2 of June and I'm caught up!  Hoping for more updates of fun summer activities, trips, and photo-worthy moments!


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