Wednesday, March 30, 2016
All caps and explanation mark...that's how we were looking forward to spring break this year.  And it was the beachy, shell-finding, good eating, warm weather,  quality family time break we were hoping for.

I feel like I, thankfully, live a life in which I enjoy most days.  Therefore, I'm not in a position to be counting down to vacation in a dramatic fashion.  However, a break from the daily grind is good for the soul, no doubt.  Add a cool drink in the hot sun with your toes in the sand...and, yes.

We made sure to prepare the kids for a NOT Disney Florida vacation, lest they picture themselves seeing famous characters, riding thrilling rides, or watching a jaw-dropping fireworks display.  And you know what?  They didn't seem to care.  They rolled right into sea-life watching, beach sport playing, restaurant rating spring breakers.  It. Was. Great.

For some perspective, our last beach vacation was in 2010.  It involved checking car seat boosters and strollers, using diaper bags as carry ons, and sippy cups:

And here we are this year:

Time is crazy. 

Here are some more pictures of our time!
Swimming with wild dolphins and seeing so much sea life!

Walkway ends at the beach!


Will.  Contemplating life.

A dinner-in night

Crazy coincidence that my girlfriends are within a couple hours away!  Worth an afternoon trip to spend some beach time together!

Mussels.  She ate this way the whole time. To quote one server we had, she "killed it" eating the seafood she ordered.
Cole: the beach sport pro.  He bought this one with his vacation money...paddle ball.

Pier at Times Square


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