Not Bored

Friday, March 4, 2016
I would like to take a moment to record how, at this phase of raising kids, I'm still not bored.  Keeping busy is important to me.  I'm not a good "sitter" until evening rolls around and I have a great list of things I've accomplished for the day.  One might suggest that with 3 kids out of the house for 6 hours of the day, there might be some thumb-twiddling time.  Not so.  Let me detail all the different hats I wore yesterday alone:
  • Plumber: switching out the built-in soap dispenser in the kitchen sink
  • Launderer: because...everyday
  • Athlete: daily workout
  • Dog walker/feeder: times two since we are watching my mother-in-law's dog
  • Maid: all bedding washed and beds vacuumed and cleaned (motivation thanks to article I read regarding dust mites and other nasty things)
  • Teacher's Aid: lunch duty, 3rd and 5th grade...organized chaos
  • Food procurer: food for a week in the fridge
  • English tutor: help with a 5th grade essay / Powerpoint
  • Junior High counselor: because 7th grade girls
  • Chef: not gourmet, but dinner nonetheless
  • Mom: bedtime reading and snuggles
  • Wife: DVR date!
And I love it!  I love being busy and especially busy doing so many different things.  Variety is so satisfying.  Of course, there ARE some not-so-satisfying moments.  Like when Cole comes home and announces that the snack I packed him tasted like dog food smells.  nice.

Here's a look at some things we've been up to...
I love how excited they get for our little jaunts to the bus stop!

This.  It looks like three lockers for my kids, but really, it's heaven.

Discovering toys not played in a while!

Boys earned a couple free tickets to the Chicago Wolves game!

Lots of entertainment!


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