Vacation (and more)

Sunday, August 16, 2015
Driving to our first real camping destination to Michigan and getting some great quality family time was fantastic!  Just what we needed!  Staying at a kid-friendly campground with plenty to do and a short drive to beach towns was a perfect mix of relaxation and fun.  So glad we got this in and so glad we have another camping trip planned!
Dune buggy bikes, pool, store, activities, movies - Fun at Jellystone.

Downtown South Haven

South Beach.  Would have come back here if it weren't for high winds the next day.

At a State Park beach where waves were VERY strong.  Cole and I did more sand playing than anything.

Wave-jumping.  Paige and Will's favorite.

Since then, we have been helping Rich's mom move.  Paige had a cheerleading camp.  Rich and I got a great adult night out.  We got a Six Flags day in.  Cole has gotten a green light to eat more milk-containing foods!  Cole continues flag football, and we're continuing to enjoy our free days.  Until tomorrow when school starts.  I'm excited about the kids' classes and love that no one has anything too "new" to adjust to this year.
Big time riders

Taking a time-out for a more kiddie-like ride.  Still fun!

Obligatory shot

Cheer team

I just can't believe this is Will's final year at the elementary school.  Wasn't it just last year when he would bury his face in my belly as the Kindergarten bus pulled up to our driveway?  And Paige mentioned high school "in two years."  High school.  Where you get actual names like "freshmen" for your year instead of numbers!  I mean, do they even give them time in the morning for their healthy snack there?

Don't get me wrong.  I'm looking forward to silence.  And hearing my own thoughts.  And cleaning a house that stays that way for at least a bit.  And productivity.  But for now, I'm completely enjoying the Nerf darts whizzing past my head as I type this and the sound of 12 (I think) feet running around the house as kids work together to create a new game...if that will help time slow down a bit.


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