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Sunday, July 26, 2015
Yeah.  It's been a solid month since I've updated our summer!  It's been a good mix of fun, more to-do's and some better weather.

First, we had our maiden camping voyage at a State Park.  (Note to self: state parks are full of pretty much trees and mosquitoes.  Seek out more adventurous, interesting destinations soon).  We did well as first-timers and had Jamie and Olivia join us for one of the two nights, which was a riot!

Then, there was the 4th of July.  This could almost be my favorite holiday!  Maybe it's because it's mid-summer.  Maybe it's because everyone celebrates it, but it's just a fun one!  We had a great time with our tradition of Fox Fourth camp out.  A bounce house, lawn games, parade and fireworks...this time with our own camper in attendance!
Centered around the bonfire!

The girlies in the bounce house

Ready for the candy-throwing parade!

Next, we had a visit from the Helds...my uncle Jim and his kids from Austin, Texas. The kids love to get together and are instant pals when they do! 
One of the many gatherings (photo missing David)

Spent some quality time shootin' guns, driving the go-cart and more lawn games.

Visiting prerequisite: eating at Lou Malnati's
And right now we're wrapping up a full weekend of celebrating Will turning 10!  He got to go to the races and have a slumber party with a few friends followed by a party with the whole fam and then a surprise gift from the Garbaciaks...tickets to the Cubs game today with Rich, Steve and Tim!  So far, 10 is treating him well!
Not gonna lie...They liked the crashes the best!

Family party in the kiddie pool!  (Perfect for Olivia to test her swimming skills)

This is the perfect visual depiction of how Will feels about all things birthday. 

Cubs! (We won't mention the score)

We've also had some time to play baseball and volleyball in the backyard on slower evenings.  The kids and I finally got a day in at the public pool.  Cole has started flag football (see also: mouth guards...why they're cool if they're for football).  And we finally have more of a vacation camping trip up to South Haven, Michigan planned!  Despite the fact that we went school supply shopping today, we are STILL soaking in summer!


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