Summer Update

Thursday, June 25, 2015
I should be reporting days at the pool, or maybe a spontaneous zoo trip, but these couple weeks have flown by and seem to be filled with so many "to-do's" that I'm not yet feeling the "laid back" summer days.  Of course, having rain or a threat of rain just about all the live long day hasn't helped these matters either.  

Also, here's a news-flash: kids don't get easier when they get older.  They get stronger opinions, make bigger messes, and are just plain trickier.  I'll use grocery shopping as an example.  I mean, I remember when I thought grocery shopping with babies and toddlers was difficult.  Little did I know how wonderful it was that they were strapped to me or jailed in the cart seat at least. The worst I could expect could easily be thwarted with an emergency Dum-Dum sucker from my purse.  Not anymore.  First, they're big.  They literally take up more space - as if maneuvering a squeaky shopping cart around end caps and displays wasn't hard enough.  Also the begging.  And the not realizing that person approaching with a cart PROBABLY WILL NEED ROOM TO GET BY.  And the fighting amongst each other.  Or the getting in cahoots with each other against me to lobby for yet another junky food.  And the still begging while I'm talking to the checkout person.  And the complaints of cold temperatures in the freezer aisles (because everyone LOVES liquid ice cream).  So like I said...still not easy.

Don't get me wrong, even though I've done more deep sighs and raising of my voice (and maybe not unlocking the rest of the car doors once inside for a 10 second rest in silence - which, by the way, they thought was hilarious) than I'm proud of, we have had some super fun times as well.  Here is a list!

1) We built our new deck landing! Next comes some railing, a longer, full step, and improvements on the brick pavers.

2) Rich's Mom bought a house nearby!  We are all very excited for this.  The place is beautiful and has access to a pool!

3) We opened our cool-off pool! Despite the awful weather we've had, they've still managed to spend some time in it.

4) We got our camper!  It's SO fun!  We've done a driveway camp out and this weekend will do a first trip up to Chain 'O Lakes, where Jamie and Olivia will spend one night with us!

5) PRAIRIEFEST!  We so look forward to this.  However, our late night got...stormed out.  We still managed to get some fun in.
Unlimited ride time!  Renee, Will, Jesse, Riley

6) We did our annual trip to the races in honor of Rich's dad.  It was another beautiful evening!

7) We celebrated Father's Day in style: a cookout and BB gun shooting.

8) The kids got to fish at the neighbors' and Will finally got a chance to try out his very own pole.  They caught nothing and Milo tried to take off with the beef jerky bait, but fun!

9) Cole had his first baseball game!  He had a couple hits and a great play at 1st for an out.  He had another game tonight, guessed it....rained out.

So here's to the end of June and more summer-like weather and slow days that allow us time to breathe it in...and maybe some solo grocery shopping.


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