One Week In

Monday, June 8, 2015
I'm happy to report that summer is underway and things are going well.  Sure, there has been the occasional wrestling match turn real fight, baseball cleats tracking monumental amounts of mud in the house, grocery store trips that involve carts with 50+ pound growths hanging off and LOTS more noise, but it has been great so far!

In the first few days that I'll refer to as the "honeymoon phase," the boys were two peas in a pod!  They were playing games they hadn't played in ages, doing art together and swinging forever while jamming to tunes.  Reality hit soon after this honeymoon phase, but we have leveled off well.
Started with our traditional (almost) weekly library / village grind trip.  Love these lower key days!

Everyone has been enjoying evening ball games
Cole has even taken to book keeping!

Will pitching a win to his cousin the catcher Riley!  This picture will one day be a classic!

A trip on this beautiful day to Blackberry Farms to meet up with Jamie and Olivia was a great start to summer week 2!

The boys - lovin' on their cuz!

The whole gang getting a cool treat: Cole, Paige, Renee, Lauren, Riley, Olivia, Will

A *little* worried on the merry-go-round, but that face.  mmmm...
Paddle boating

This week brings the beginning of Cole's ball season, Will's high school baseball camp, the beginning of Paige's tutoring to enter honors math next year, Cole's swimming lessons, picking up our new camper, and putting a new deck landing off our back door.  We won't be bored.


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