It's Coming!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Everyone.  There is only 1 more school night after this.  I'm so excited for summer!  But the mere mention of that word brings on pangs of anxiety...

  • knowing my house will not truly feel clean again until fall
  • alone time - it will cease to exist
  • there will be bickering
  • there will be more meal-making

But there will also be new experiences, unscheduled days and nights, family trip(s), warm weather, built-in helpers, special events and more!  And I know that when the school year approaches I'm usually dreading the plunge into routine and tedium, so surely I enjoy summer once we establish its norm.

Here are a few wrap-up things from the year: Paige had her final band concert.  The boys had field day!  They have emptied out their desks / locker.  There are only picnics and parties left.
Flag ceremony to open Field Day

Will's Den

Will (in blue) dragging a tire in the relay

Cole running while playing a game with his class

A recent punishment for Paige is sure to show that summer will not be as simple as splash parks and sidewalk chalk like it once was.  Parenting is just a bit hairier now.  But with that comes more possibilities and interest.  So here's to our "big kid" summer.  Bring it on!

Also, happy 14 years to us, who got to enjoy a wonderful dinner out this past weekend!  After all, without this there wouldn't be those previously mentioned high-maintenance kids!


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