Spring Has Sprung!

Thursday, March 12, 2015
So, the fact that it's dark out when we wake up now doesn't have us down, because simultaneously the weather has finally broken into spring-like temperatures!  The past few weeks has found us with little illnesses here and there, muscling through state academic testing and longing for this spring change!

I got a very rare and unique time away this weekend with my sisters to visit a cousin who is 2 1/2 years into a cancer battle.  It was a difficult trip to coordinate and schedule, but it finally happened and I so enjoyed getting to see Julie and travel with my sisters!
This is after we bickered a bit about how fast Sarah was walking and how she was making us sweat.  I got the "W" for that argument when my fitness band later texted me and asked if I had been exercising!

Us and Julie's mom in front of her beautiful home in Raleigh, NC

While I was away, Rich held down the fort and the kids had some cousin time at my parents' (which also could have been called a daycare facility with all the kids they were responsible for at one point that day).  While looking at Paige's phone, I found this great picture I had posted on Facebook, but want here to remember...

So now we are gearing up for a little trip to St. Louis for a Spring Break getaway!  Before that, Paige will have cheerleading tryouts for 7th grade.  Then, Will is going to be starting baseball (with Rich coaching).  Cole will do the park district league one more time which is more towards summer.  It will be busier than it has been, but at least nicer weather will have us WANTING to get out and about more!

And I leave you with an Easter funny:

Cole and I were looking at Easter goodies in a Fannie May flier that came in the mail.  I pointed to one treat and said they looked too rich.  Cole asked, "Why?  How much money are they?"


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