More in March

Tuesday, March 24, 2015
So here are few more noteworthy events in March:

1) 7th grade cheerleading tryouts are Thursday.  Paige is heavy into practicing and though she feels confident, she certainly has worked hard to get there.  Hoping for the best.  In addition, she has had a couple of  band concerts and will perform a solo in the near future.  I can't wait for that!

Fine Arts Festival.  First chair Alto Sax

2) We've had a little accountability snafu with Will with respect to school work lately.  I'm not going to lie; I've lost sleep over this.  He is SO incredibly diligent with his school work and the whole first semester of this year has been able to keep his own system of checks and balances enough that I had let go of the reigns a bit.  Unfortunately, an assignment slipped through the cracks that will significantly affect his report card grade.  I keep trying to remind myself that his 4th grade AT reading grade probably won't be a major component of his college applications.   While I know this is true, I definitely dislike grades that I feel don't reflect a student's true understanding and level of effort.  Live and learn.

3) I got a great visit with a high school friend (and her daughter) recently!  Here's to 30 years of friendship!

Jamie and I.  First met on the playground in 2nd grade.

Alli and Cole.  Truth be told: she had a crush on Cole.  More truth: Cole was digging it.
4) I'm going to ignore the flat-out blizzard we had yesterday morning and talk about spring-like weather and outside play and visions like these that I'm just so ready to have more of...

5)  Today Cole and I were talking about chocolate as I was quizzing him on his spelling words and he said, "You like chocolate, but you don't eat too much because you're a veterinarian."  Me: I think you mean "vegetarian," which is a person who doesn't eat meat, but actually I'm a dietitian. Cole: Oh yeah! That's what I meant.

I tried hard to validate his comment by saying I knew what he meant, about eating right, etc., but I REALLY wanted to say you were WAY off!

6) Bring on Spring Break and just a break from the norm!


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