Today We're Doing Well

Wednesday, February 25, 2015
It's very easy to get caught up in worry.  We worry we're doing too much.  We worry we're not doing enough.  We worry about the weather.  We worry about what we eat, who's leading our country, who's leading our school districts.  We worry someone might do bad things.  We worry we weren't thankful enough when someone did good things.  We worry we're too rigid - or that we're not rigid enough.  We worry we're not enjoying life enough - or that we're not working and planning enough to enjoy life later.

It can get a little cumbersome and counterproductive.

Though definitely guilty of worrying, I try very hard to make a point to only worry when worry is warranted.  The thing is that I MAY look back and wonder why did I waste time worrying about this?  But I don't think I'll find myself thinking I should have sat around and worried about this more.  

And it's days like those of recent that make me realize that really...we're doing well.  Things like:
  • A long, conversational midweek dinner enjoyed by the whole family
  • Being read to by Cole
  • Verbally thankful kids
  • Kids telling jokes that legitimately make me laugh hard
  • Good grades
  • Happy mornings
  • Hearing Paige talk my ear off
  • Seeing confidence build in Will as he tackles daunting homework
  • Compliments by teachers
  • Seeing Cole run downstairs to get a hug before Paige heads out for the day
  • Seeing Cole and Will play hide and seek together
  • Countless hugs.  Just countless.  People say this will end...
 ...but I'm not going to worry about that now. 


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