Spring Break!

Saturday, April 4, 2015
When it became clear that a sandy, warm spring break destination wasn't going to work, we knew we wanted SOME kind of getaway.  We decided to road trip down to St. Louis.  We have found we love to "explore" new cities and although we've been there, the kids were significantly littler and would appreciate it on a whole new level.

Plus, going to St. Louis meant getting to see my college bestie, Nicole, and her family of 3 boys all similar ages of ours.  It ended up being a great time!  We had a little of everything...seeing new attractions, visiting at their home, hotel swimming, city walking, and good dining out.  Everyone was happy.

If you ask the kids, they were most happy when with the Diehls.  It is amazing how they just fall into "knowing each other."  Truth - Paige and Luke have developed a texting relationship that keeps them more in touch such that it doesn't seem like so much time has passed since seeing each other.  They were two peas.  Now, it would be silly to daydream of one day the two of them getting married or something but if it happened, I would think maybe it would happen in Champaign - where they both would have gone to college and equidistant from their hometowns and Nicole and I would busily plan the details and go shopping and cake tasting together and maybe even wear matching dresses....

Grown-up Shot!

Goodbye hug
Walking around downtown near Busch Stadium  (We took this picture because that's a Cubs game on the jumbotron in the background!)
Budweiser Tour
City Museum.  Had my kids been littler, I would have been totally nervous and felt nothing but disdain for this place.  But since they're big...totally cool.  Rich and Cole are in the window of this plane.

At the Arch!

Having only 3 nights there leaves time for other things over break like To-Do lists, Easter, celebrating Olivia's 2nd birthday and other friend birthday parties.  Makes for a full, fun Spring Break!

Stay tuned for my next post with the working title: The Time My Kids Lost All Common Sense and Reason for the Love of All That is Good on this Earth.


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