A Grow Update

Monday, February 9, 2015
It's that slow time of year.  We're really just bearing down and muscling through the gloomier part of winter.  Luckily, there have been a few fun things!  The Super Bowl was recently and paired with a blizzard that allowed the kids to stay home on Monday! (Thus, further supporting my recommendation to switch the Super Bowl to Saturday.  Way more fun!) 

Also, I celebrated a birthday.  This corresponds well with the fact that I just had to take a couple ibuprofen after a 3.5 mile snow hike yesterday with the Cub Scouts.  Aches and a raw heel from my snow boot rubbing and I'm feeling my age!  All three kids were with us and did awesome, despite the rugged terrain.

But I was thinking that while I have been recording family happenings, I haven't gone into specifics about the kids lately.  So here is a crash course in what they're up to:

Favorite subject: Science (likely because of her teacher who she adores)  She has been selected to be a part of a "Mission to Mars" program in which they will have special prep classes after school leading up to a field trip to a place to study space exploration.

Favorite pastime: drawing, listening to music, friends, TV/movies and books

Favorite clothing: tank top with comfy shirts over it.  Namely,  a light pink and silver Coca-cola shirt.

Favorite food: yes

Favorite way to get in trouble: careless mistakes on school work, being misleading

Favorite moments: when she comes home and confides in me the "social" learning details that come with junior high

Favorite subject: specials (what they call the extra classes like music, art and P.E.).  His AT reading and math are getting challenging, but he is keeping up well!

Favorite pastime: after school hockey, iPod play, getting his neighbor friend Jesse to play

Favorite clothing: anything Chicago sports or under armor / nike, etc.

Favorite food: burgers.  And not from the kid menu.

Favorite way to get in trouble: being utterly rude and disrespectful to siblings, also being obnoxious and not knowing when to quit

Favorite moments: his compassion for others, whether it be his baby cousin, an old man in a restaurant eating alone, or meaningful hugs for me.

Favorite subject: P.E. hands down.

Favorite pastime: Ipod play - particularly a racing game that his dad is equally enamored with.  It's a cute little partnership.  Biking - even among the snow piles.

Favorite clothing: hooded sweatshirts and sport pants.  Unless his friend and he have arranged to wear their Bears jerseys.  Then that.

Favorite food: bread and butter, and fish of all types.

Favorite way to get in trouble: acting as if rules don't apply to him

Favorite moments: when he still wants to sit on my lap, and still getting "mail" from him...sealed with stickers.

There you have it!  The kids as of February 2015!


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