A Not So Gentle Reminder

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
A buzz word for me lately has been "over scheduling."  Due to the season and current interests of our kids right now, our extra-curricular calendar isn't bursting at the seams, contrary to many I speak with.  While I have mixed feelings about this and a constant pull towards the societal norm of having every living moment scheduled for our kids, I have to say that I am loving how this plays out.

The kids are playing.  They are excited to get done with their homework so they can decide what to do next.  The TV has not been on.  Screens are ultra limited.  Yesterday they had a "work out club" in the basement with the neighbor kid.  Tonight we were free enough to go as a whole family to a fundraising event for Will's class at a fun place.  It is a beautiful, wonderful breath of fresh air.

I'm not saying that I won't be encouraging my kids to try new things, sign up for this or join that.  I'm just saying that it has been a glaring reminder of the kids that they are and that they want to be for a while.

Another reminder I have received lately is how wonderfully blessed we are with children who, overall, do not struggle.  Today I substituted as a one-on-one aid to a child with autism.  There was screaming, kicking, running, and so much angst that I can't imagine anything but sleep for the child after school (and myself).  My heart ached for this boy as I saw how much he struggled and then pictured my usual image of my boys bounding off the school bus with smiles on their faces not able to wait to tell me stories of their days.  I feel like I take time to realize the good that surrounds me.  But situations like this push this reminder to the forefront for sure.  Thankful.


Anonymous said...

Great pic of the three wonderful kids on the railroad track with the fall colors just beginning

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