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Wednesday, October 22, 2014
I've gotten away from daily giggle reports.  It's not that there isn't comical fun around here; it's just that instead of a whole funny story about a potty training incident or nap time protester, the laughter is more about one-liners and mature jokes (well, not THAT kind of mature).  Anyway, the kids are funny and I find I especially revel in their ability to feed off of each other and make each other laugh.  Unless it leads to uncontrollable giggles at the dinnertime in which composure is never regained.  That's annoying...and kind of funny.

But last night we were laughing at a word Cole realized he had wrong "all this time."  (I can't remember it right now).  He got a little bent out of shape that Will was getting such a kick out of it.  That's when I reminded EVERYbody that they all have their stories of mistaken words.  Like when Will was younger and used to think the library was "live berry."  Cole loved this bit of information and asked Will if he had to ask the "live berrian" if they had the book he wanted.

We are on a charades kick in house lately.  It's hilarious.  Will can't start a word without saying "okay, here we go..."  He also cracked us all up when Paige was acting out what looked like a large clock tower and Will blurted out, "Big Bill!"  Seriously.  I don't even know if we ever found out what the real answer was.

Lastly, I have to say that though Cole's reading /writing skills are right along average for first grade, I am loving his (finally) sudden interest in and confidence in writing.  He definitely has a knack for math.  So, understandably, the book he is currently writing in his journal at bedtime is called "Math."  So far it has thirteen chapters.  He has covered how numbers are cool and his favorite number is 100,000.  He has covered the plus and minus sign.  I hadn't read chapter 10, so he showed me it tonight.
Chapter 10: Math
Math is good for you because it gets your brain going.  It can help you get to be a bank helper.


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