Little Known Facts

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
There are some things I have made a mental note of lately:
  • If I don't have kids at home with me all day, the number of pictures on my phone will remain constant for days on end.
  • My kids will surprise me when you don't see it coming (which, I know, is the definition of surprise).  But really, our piano has been sitting in our living room Cole's whole life.  And just last week he decided he's totally into it.  Lessons are in his future.
  • My kids have started early wish lists for Christmas.  On 2 lists, there is a total of 3 items that live and breathe.
  • My daughter has wit - as in while describing a certain group of girls at school (think movie Mean Girls) who wear "their weight in make-up."  That's funny stuff.  
  • She also has self-confidence and and a big heart - as in making a point to spend some of her lunch time with a special needs child who sits near her table (despite "table hopping" being prohibited, though she thinks the lunch aid sees and chooses to look the other way).
  • A certain third child of mine thinks that you can rub a spill into the kitchen table, much like rubbing lotion into skin.  Unfortunately, the white yogurt haze is, in fact, still there.
  • If I clean fingerprints off of my glass doors in the morning, it's a safe bet that they will remain that way until 3 p.m.  This is the most worthwhile this task has ever been.
  • Seeing my 9 year-old's face when he realized he was confusing his cursive "F's" with his cursive "T's" and had been writing about the novel "Tuck Everlasting" and how detrimental that mistake could be was priceless.


Anonymous said...

haha! The yogurt!! And Matt and I both got a good laugh out of Tuck Everlasting :)

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