Thursday, September 25, 2014
Because he's been cuting (that's a word) me out lately, I thought I'd like to make special mention of Cole.  He is hysterical and though quiet and reserved in school, has high confidence and enjoyment for school.  Also, he makes up for the quiet once he gets home.  Here are some other reasons he gets special mention:

  • He is making great strides in his reading fluency lately.
  • The other night he informed me that he likes to just "chill" in his towel for a while after getting out of a bath or shower.
  • He also informed that he thinks maybe he could go on America's Got Talent for his ability to stand on one leg for a very long time (picture scrawny, spindly leg struggling to balance his naked-except-for-tighty-whitey body).
  • I gave the kids those very small school pictures of themselves in case they wanted to pass them out to any friends.  Today Cole told me, "oh yeah, I sold some of mine to my friends."  (He quickly realized that he used the wrong verb there, but for a minute - it was pretty funny!)
  • He wakes up joyful and ready everyday.  There hasn't been an exception yet this school year.  (I will brace myself for what will surely be Murphy's law tomorrow).
  • Today he was determined to teach me a P.E. lesson.  He got the supplies ready outside while I finished up my duties and when I got out, he taught me from beginning to end how to correctly throw a frisbee (complete with reaching around my body to shadow the proper hold and telling me I did well when really I did not).
Celebrating this totally enjoyable phase!


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