Gratitude Challenge

Monday, September 8, 2014
On social media, I've seen where it has become common to nominate people to post what they are gracious for.  It's no longer reserved only for that day in late November!  Now, I have not been nominated, but will participate out of sheer desire to get all that I am thankful for (and have been thinking about lately) down.
Here goes...

  • I'm thankful for the ease at which my kids awaken for school.  There are no whines or moans or cold water splashed on faces.  It's a school day.  They get up.  They do it.
  • I'm thankful  for my new mini position at the elementary school of substituting for the TA's.  This gives me great exposure to so many different kids and actually earns a paycheck.  (Not to take away from my time spent volunteering both during the school day and with Home and School, which I deeply love as well).
  • I'm thankful for our lighter evening load this quarter.  It has lead to evenings in the backyard as a family, game nights, etc., after homework on a school night!
  • I'm thankful for my husband, who is just great and loves me despite my flaw(s).  (Okay, fine, it's plural).
  • I'm thankful for HEALTH!  Seriously.
  • I'm thankful for my dog.  He is my only company when I'm home during the day, though he chooses to sleep most of it (probably making time go by quicker until the kids are home, but still).
  • I'm thankful for our so much more!
But I'll tell you one thing.  There are some things I'm NOT thankful for...
  • These horrid weather prediction maps of our upcoming winter.
  • This news of a respiratory illness starting to sweep the nation.
  • International unrest.
  • Burpees
There.  Challenge complete!


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