Love / Hate

Monday, September 1, 2014
Reasons I Loved This Weekend

  • The boys had their first cub scout camp out.
  • The camp out was at a cool historical park I had never even been to!
  • Had an overnight visit from mother-in-law (and dog) = nice dinner out and relaxing Saturday morning
Reasons I Hated This Weekend
  • Cole had an allergic reaction at the cub scout camp out making his night short and sending him in a whirlwind of medications and discomfort until rest finally came over 5 hours later.
  • Really don't know with certainty the origin of the reaction.
  • Cole missed his guy-time overnight.
  • Paige and I missed our girl night (planned for after we left the camp out)
  • Rich painfully had to wait for my updates while staying back for Will's sake.
But Reasons I Loved This Weekend
  • The wonderful sleepless night I had next to Cole, just watching his chest heave with normal, rhythmic breaths.
  • Seeing Paige shift into selfless helpful mode when it mattered.
  • Seeing the concern and support of the whole Scout family.
  • The giddy 6-year old that woke up next to me and then got to have a camp out re-do with Dad that night.
  • Productivity: oil changed, lawn mowed, master closet overhaul
  • Family time.  Be it with just the 5 of us or extended - it's just what matters.

Cantigny Park

Shhh...the boy behind Cole is totally disappointed Paige isn't spending the night. :)

Beautiful gardens

Pack 633 Camp

Camp re-do

Camping dog.  Never left.


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