First Week Report Card

Sunday, August 24, 2014
We did it!  The first week of school is under our belt (and for the record, I feel that school should always start with a slightly shorter than full week - to warm up to the whole idea of school).  Overall, the start was probably not as smooth as some in the past, but we finished strong.  Here is a kid-by-kid report:

PAIGE: Came home slightly down-trodden and frustrated Monday.  Things weren't as warm and fuzzy as elementary school and passing periods / different teachers / locker combos had her slightly stressed.  With each day, however, she seemed more and more confident and I feel she is well on her way to enjoying junior high.

WILL:  It's hard to read Will's response to school because it is always so clouded with an overall mourning the loss of summer.  He, too, was a little overwhelmed with a switch they made in his AT class (now daily, instead of weekly), but he seemed to calm down as the week progressed, too.

COLE: I'm not sure.  All I've heard about is lunch and P.E.  I'm sort of kidding, but he IS most excited about his "specials" that he gets now that he is full day (music, art, P.E., library).  He has a repeat teacher since his Kindergarten teacher moved up, so there was no hesitation there!

To celebrate the end of a long week, we had a traditional TGIF (that we hadn't had in a while).  This was followed by a full day of work at Farm Day on Sunday.  While this is a hot, hard-working day, I think the tractors, animals, and simplicity of the event was perfect therapy to prep for another week of school!  Here are some pics!
Poolin' it at TGIF

Teaching Olivia to walk through the river

Love this pic!

My booth at Farm Day - and my helper, Renee

Some of the Country Kitchen staff

Hard workers, gathering up cones and signs


Anonymous said...

I love that Cole's early focus was on PE and Lunch...I mean, they're the 2 most important parts of the day, Mom.

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