It's Over

Sunday, August 17, 2014
Remember back when I wrote about things we were going to do this summer and down time and less schedules?  Remember that?  That was awesome.  But tonight I packed lunches, which means school is officially back in session tomorrow.  I can't believe it.

We managed to fit in a great day at Six Flags with the cousins on a gorgeous weather day before the weekend, however.  Cole got addicted to the Whizzer.  Paige was proud she rode (and liked) Raging Bull, and Will rode all he could and vows to grow a good inch this year to allow him more possibilities.
I need to compare this same pic with those from years' past.  I'm sure the changes in this crew are significant!

In line for Dark Coaster.  Not a fan, myself.

Blue skies, beautiful temperatures

Our dinner conversation tonight revolved around going back to school.  The kids were supposed to share one thing they are excited about and one thing they are nervous about.  Here are the answers:

PAIGE: Most nervous about finding classes on time.  Most excited about lunch periods.  (read: social time, due to the more "free roaming" style in junior high).

WILL:  Most nervous about new standardized tests this year (had not idea this was even on his radar).  Most excited about seeing his friends.

COLE:  Most nervous about walking farther to his bus stop (no driveway service like in Kindergarten).  Most excited about lunch.  (Which is ironic, because that is what I'm most nervous about.  At least the first day I am volunteering as a first grade lunch monitor to help the newbies and keep an eye on my kid).

So here's to alarm clocks, bus stops and homework!  And the ever-present anxiousness to see how their days went!


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