Dear Kids...

Sunday, August 3, 2014
Dear Kids,
I have loved spending this summer with you.  The big plans, the last-minute plans, the do-nothing days, the errands, the neighborhood play.  It has all been so relaxing and fun!  But I'm not going to lie...when your grandparents requested the honor of your presence for a full 24-hour period without us - I was pretty excited!  This is only the kind of excitement possible knowing that you, too, would be having a great time.  Which you did.

You got to go with your cousins to a Wild West place complete with panning for gold, horse rides, a shoot out and great dining!  Then you went to a railroad museum and back to your grandparents' house for dinner and a bonfire!  It was a full, entertaining day that you are still coming down off of!

Scary Stories and S'mores

Railroad Museum
And where did that leave your dad and I?  Well, we packed it in on this rare occasion.  We completed chores, went on a motorcycle ride (which we used to do so often before, well, all of you), went shopping and out to dinner on a gloriously beautiful day!  Now, I for sure was glued to every update sent regarding your day, but this significant change of pace was such a wonderful recharge!
This is us.  Sitting here because we want to.  And no one is asking us where we are going next, or if they can have something, or if they can ride on our backs, or if we're there yet.  glorious.

So thank you to your grandparents for giving the kids the great time - and us this time.

And I before this weekend, the kids and I had some bonding time that was anticipated since Easter, when my sister and I got the kids accessories for their bikes.  We drove our bikes to a fantastic trail that connects towns north of us.  We figured a 7-mile round trip on both sides of the river with a stop in the middle for lunch at McDonald's.  It was a great time!


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