Will's Celebration of 9 Years!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Our tradition / celebration / detail-oriented Will turned 9 this past weekend!  It is so fun to plan a party for him.  While he doesn't desire expensive, elaborate celebrations, he does have his specific ingredients that make up a "good party."  There should be sleeping bags, soda pop of varieties he's normally not allowed, salty snacks, sickening sweet ice cream, favorite cake, balloons, other decorations - namely, crepe paper.

He received thoughtful gifts that he SO loved!  He has done magic tricks, listened to music through his new speaker, completely re-done his room in Chicago sports decor, built a robot, rode a bigger bike, and more!  What's even better is that what he shows in excitement, he equals in gratitude.  So thanks to everyone who helped him celebrate!

Chocolate eclair cake took the place of the normal angel food.  I've heard it will be next year's choice as well!

Proof he's getting older: this excitement is for clothes!

Utter joy and silliness

Late-nighting it!


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