Summer Getaways

Sunday, August 10, 2014
I will never underestimate the power of a quick getaway in the summer.  No matter how many nights spent, some new experiences and different routines are just plain important every now and then.  Though we wanted to go further, our time was short and we wanted to spend little of it actually traveling, so we headed back to Lake Geneva, WI (a trip we took 2 years ago).

We stayed at a waterpark resort and had plenty of time in the water, at the arcade and hanging out in the (2-story) room.  Now, the kids think this place is awesome.  We would agree, though it's time for some updating.  Thankfully, any waterpark visit forces me to get over my slight germaphobia quickly, so I didn't let usual hotel issues bother me much.
Swimming, slides and hot tubs

And this came in handy later, too, when we went downtown to shop and to dinner.  We are in LOVE with this restaurant we visited by chance last time - an old mansion-turned-restaurant.  We had unique foods and every patron is encouraged to pick one of the MANY old-time hats on display to dine in.  (Yes, this is where the germaphobia came in, but I mind-over-matter'ed it.)
Baker House

Riviera Beach

Ice cream stop (with a choice for Cole!) while shopping

And since the trip started with a straight shot to the beach (what with the seagulls and seaweed wrapping around ankles), it's safe to say I just decided I'd feel clean 3 days later and I'd just have to wait for that.

Lastly, a quick stop since we were so close to cousin Olivia's house.  But because she had just had a vacation, too, she was having a vacation hangover complete with fever and chills, so our visit was brief but sweet!

It's funny how things change as the kids age.  So much of the time just a few years back was US making the kids happy / laugh.  Now, the kids' wit and senses of humor entertain us just as much if not more.  The conversations are rich, the laughter is plentiful and the time is precious.  I took a moment to look back at pictures of us 2 years ago in this same spot.  Turns out, aside from some height differences and differences in smiles, they look pretty similar.  I'm thankful for this, because seeing major changes in a short period of time just serves to make time feel as if it is flying by even more than it is.  


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