Weekend Awards!

Sunday, April 27, 2014
It was a fantastically busy weekend with the daddy daughter dance, baseball pictures, first baseball game, 5th grade lock-in at the Healthplex, birthday party for Cole to attend and the boy scouts rain gutter regatta.  So busy, but fun!  Here are dance pictures:

And onto the awards for the day:

Best Picture award goes to this one of the happiest little guy getting a kite up and keeping it up all by himself (after getting this as a party favor at a super fun bounce party)

Meltable Moment award goes to Will for his lengthy time playing "awesome club" with Cole, making him feel like the coolest kid ever.  Cole even has an official membership card to the club, which is, well, awesome.

Best Quote goes to Paige after getting bombarded by expensive fragrances at Macy's, "I don't really get into perfume.  I mean, just find a scent of deodorant you like and wear a lot of it."  Love it.  A girlie-girl she is not.


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