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Thursday, April 24, 2014
I don't blog as often as the kids have gotten older.  It's true.  I thought it was because the things that happen are more serious, sometimes private, and a little routine / mundane.  Well, in the past few days I have been perusing previous blog posts from several years ago.  Turns out, the kids were funnier.  Lots.  Or maybe it's just more funny in retrospect.  For example, Will doesn't call pumpkin seeds, "roasted pumpkin nuts" anymore.  Cole doesn't offer to pick off my toenail polish anymore, or have diarrhea while standing commando over a heating vent.  That stuff's funny.

I was perusing tonight because I wanted to find a post that related Will's "focus" problem when he was younger.  I'm here to tell you - it still exists.  Here's an example:  Yesterday as I stood at the front door saying my goodbyes to the bigs, I handed Will some letters to drop off in the mailbox (that we could both see) on his way to the bus stop.  Fast forward several minutes and I'm up in Cole's room opening his curtains when I see Will running back from the bus stop.  This was odd - as the bus should be there, like, now.

Therefore, I run down to meet him and realize that he is still holding the letters.  I find out that he walked the couple blocks to the bus stop never realizing that he was still holding mail in his hand - finally realized it - freaked out - went running back - fell - skinned his knee and hands - missed the bus.

Maybe I'll laugh about that one day.


Anonymous said...

Seriously...the old stuff is hilarious! And that's why I continue (to a much lesser degree) to blog the daily stuff...because eventually, it WILL be the older stuff, and I'll be glad I did!

But Will...bummer on the knee, kudos for remembering before he actually got on the bus!

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