Busy Week Eve

Sunday, May 4, 2014
This weekend had a nice mix of visiting, stuff to do, and our biannual Farm Day.  Cousin Olivia came down and went to her first baseball game!  It was windy and, to be honest, she mostly was interested in eating.  But she was there!

Farm Day was fun as always - keeping the kids working and motivated.  I think Paige could live there - whether she is tallying food totals and making change, or hanging out in a barn with animals, there is no doubt she is in her glory at this place.  This time was the kids' first run-in with a health inspector (a new necessity for the temporary food service permits).  There's something about having someone poke around and "test" everything that puts everyone on edge.  And, well, we must have talked about it too much, as jokes about the health inspector was the only topic of discussion at dinner tonight.  Then, a giggling Cole brought this to me...
Which was later detailed with a not-so-flattering picture of the health inspector.  Perhaps Disney's Ratatouille already ruined their impression of health inspectors anyway.  I'm not taking full blame.

Here are the busy workers:

Barn Quilt
There aren't many in Illinois (I forget the number), but we have one on the barn behind our house and this one!
So onto the busy week in which I am in charge of an event all week at the kids' school; we have baseball games, cheer practice, cheer awards, Jr. High night (pinch me), a minor league baseball game from the school's reading program, and more!  Bring it.


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The farm day sounds like so much fun! :)

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