Happy 6th, Cole!

Monday, April 21, 2014
There's something "big" about not being able to count your years on one hand.  And it's true - Cole is showing signs of just being "big."  He has outgrown all jeans he started the school year with.  He has lost teeth.  He has learned to read.  He has learned to hold his own.  And talk back.  He has become a better athlete.  He has become a better artist.  All this with one extra year under his belt.  Imagine what just a few more will do.  I'd rather not.  

I'm enjoying savoring his every child-like behavior.  Like today, while driving in a car and he asked me what "those towers are for."  I answered, "they are for cell phone communication."  To which he replied, "Oh, right.  So, like, when, like, the telephone wires get too tired, those towers can power them back up."  I then had to explain the difference between land lines and cell signals and it was quite educational.  But honestly, the cell towers "powering up" the telephone wires was kind of a fun thought.

So we celebrated this "big-ness" with a two-party day on Friday, due to Good Friday.  He had a few boys from class over for a scavenger hunt, cupcakes and outside playtime.  Then, the family came over for a fun Friday burgers-on-the-grill party!  Happy birthday, Bud!

Boy party.  Check out the sun shining and green grass!

Family party!  Yes, he wore a junky t-shirt because IT was Star Wars and so was the party theme...so how can you not?

Birthday present.  Flash rider 360.  He rocks this.   I want one in a slightly bigger size.


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