The Weekend

Tuesday, March 18, 2014
This weekend was on the calendar for a year - a cheerleading competition at Wisconsin Dells!  While I knew it would be a little stressful (more so than our usual mid-winter trip to an indoor waterpark), I did not prepare for this.  Don't get me wrong...there was still swimming, sliding and arcading fun.  But...

I had been fighting a sore throat/fever/chills/headache combo that we determined to be strep.  After getting on an antibiotic Saturday morning, I could finally pull it together.  Rich's father also had a setback and was (and is currently) hospitalized.  This cancels our spring break plans - which adds to the sadness of it all.  But plans can be rescheduled.  Our kids handled this news amazingly.

Then there was the anticipated stress of where to be when and missing bows and girls from other teams who threw up in the middle of their routine and food and where to get it and scores and seriously loud music and crowds.  I actually saw a dad walking down the hotel hallway announcing "lost parent...lost parent."  It was kind of funny.  So was the fact that Cole decided he needed to pull out his second tooth while in the middle of eating a makeshift lunch on the floor of the hotel hallway while crowds of people walked beside us and there wasn't a napkin / tissue to be found  all while listening to 9 year-old cheerleader drama to my right and balancing half-eaten food on my left.  It's funny, really.   Well, now it is.

But Paige's team put on terrific performances!  Here are a few photos with my new camera that I LOVE but still need to learn more about for quality pictures!

And now, today's funny:
Cole and I were discussing what we're looking forward to in the spring.  He mentioned flying kites.  Here's how the rest went...
Me: Do we even have any kites still?
Cole: Yes, we do.
Me: Well, but I don't know what shape they're in.
Cole: They're in the shape of triangles.

of course.


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