Saying Goodbye

Monday, March 31, 2014
Late Sunday night, March 23rd, my father-in-law lost his battle with cancer.  It was a painful, uphill battle since July.  I am so pleased to know that he does not suffer anymore.  I am so utterly sad that it even had to happen in the first place.

It was the Sunday beginning our spring break week.  In a way, it was a blessing to have that unscheduled time to grieve and really be in the moments that occurred.  We were impressed with our kids' behavior, understanding, and depth throughout this as well.  We have prayed for grandpa every single night.  Now our prayers are for those of us that loved him...that we can find peace and happiness without him here with us.  Paige even mustered up the courage to speak to the crowd that gathered at his memorial service.  She said what was on her heart and because of that, it was perfect.

I had planned on saying a few words - but couldn't consider it after seeing my daughter up there sharing her feelings.  Therefore, I will share this here so that I will remember as well:

Years ago, when Rich and I were first dating, he brought me to his parents' house for the first time.  His mother was in the kitchen and his father was mowing their beautiful, sprawling lawn.  When he came inside, I asked if his tractor was a Cub Cadet.  (It was).  A few years later when we were planning our wedding or newly married, Rich's father shared with me that when I first came to their house and knew what kind of tractor he had, he knew I was a keeper!  He (and Rich's mother) were so instantly accepting and kind - because that's just the kind of man he was.  (I don't even think I needed the Cub Cadet reference).

It's a cute story that I will hold onto.  But looking at all the pictures of him in his childhood and beyond and looking at the resemblance in my own boys' faces, I can't help but feel that he is alive and well.


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