Quick - A Spring Update Before the Snow!

Sunday, April 13, 2014
The weather has taken a sharp turn, but not before we got a taste of sandals and sun.  It has been fantastic!  First, because of the stressful last couple months, we have been more lax with screen time for the kids.  (For those not of this parenting generation, that means anything that has a screen - including handhelds, TVs, computers, video games, etc.)  We have now tightened up on this rule and it is SO nice to see signs of more imaginative play!  Take this, for example.  I'm sure most people don't walk into a bathroom to see a bow resting against the wall that some warrior must have left behind when he was taking a "break."

And most people don't happen upon a mini Darth Vader in their kitchen in the middle of the day.

And this is the SURE sign of spring - a chalk community drawn on our driveway!


Lastly, a year ago I was so excited to get to drive up to meet my new niece, Olivia!  Today, we celebrated her turning one!  She was a master cake eater and party girl.  Here she is on the gift we gave her - something very similar to a long-standing toy in our house!
(Yes, she is on it ON TOP of the kitchen table, because...safety first).

Happy birthday, Olivia!  And despite this week's forecast, happy spring weather!


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