Winter Blahs

Thursday, February 27, 2014
The winter blahs have been replaced with winter tantrums around here.  (Not the kids.  Me.)  Don't get me wrong.  I've been outside with the kids (at bus stops), walking dogs and doing anything I can to pretend that a giant iceberg hasn't taken over the land.  But it kinda has.

So, for that reason, there is not much new.  We play games, we watch movies, read books, get creative here and there, but mostly, just long for the great outdoors.  So here's a look at what we do when we're stuck indoors...
We do projects.  This is a rain stick in the making.

We transform bathrooms into full-on salons, thanks to Paige and Renee

We have cousin sleepovers!

We send each other.

We play with liquid nitrogen.  Because, why not?

We go to cheer competitions!

We plan vacations to places that are warmer!

And now, since "throwback Thursday" has become a popular trend in the cyber world, here's one that's a throwback AND a glimpse at the warmer weather to come....
Spring 2010.  Nothing says spring like short sleeves and baseball.


Renay said...

What a great collection of pictures! Mine would be: boys on couch, boys in basement with soccer balls, boys on couch again. ha!

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