Out of the Mouths, Cont'd

Wednesday, February 19, 2014
Since I've become increasingly bad at remembering these little one-liners, I thought I'd jot them down right away.

The first comes from the eldest.  She approached me last night and said she had had her (gigantic) molar that she yanked in her tooth fairy pillow for a few nights.  In a tongue-in-cheek sort of way, she said she sure hopes it's because it's too cold for the tooth fairy and not because she's too old, because she has "a lot of earning potential left in her mouth."  Yes.  I'm not lying.  This also from the girl who puts together Power Point slide shows to persuade her parents.  So, the teens may be tough.

We went out to a rare dinner tonight on a weeknight.  It was such a refreshing change of pace.  While getting ready to pay the bill, Rich was showing Cole how he can do a cool flip-and-catch trick with his credit card.  Cole thought it was cool and asked if he could jiggle cards, too.  Rich asked, "Do what?"  And Cole answered again (quite clearly), "Jiggle.  Like you do with balls."  Of course, we had to remind him that word was "juggle," and you can imagine the hay day we had with that one.

Lastly, we talk about growth spurts a lot around here.  We have kids.  They happen.  Cole had been especially proud of his recent spurt a few months ago.  It wasn't until tonight after his bath while putting on pajamas that I was real close to his mouth when he said it.   "I think I had another gross birth." I'm not even kidding.


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