Out of the Mouth of a 5 year-old

Tuesday, February 18, 2014
1) Last night while saying goodnight, Cole said that he would like a dress shirt...."one like dad wears to work, but not a nice one.  One that I can wear to play baseball in."  So I ask why.  And he very logically said that he would leave it unbuttoned so it could fly behind him when he ran.  Hmmm...I wonder where he got that idea...
Benny from Sandlot.  And his shirt DOES fly behind him as he's running in slow motion from "the beast."
2) Today in the car, Cole said he thought it was probably going to feel like summer when we are out waiting for his bus today.  (After all, the "low outside temp" indicator finally turned off on my dashboard for the first time in months).  Then after a long pause, he stated, "I think I kind of forgot what summer feels like."

Yeah, bud, it's better than 41 degrees.  Trust me.

3) Today while leaving a parking lot he admitted that when he "was little," he used to think those wheelchair signs painted on some parking spaces were "Don't Sit on Toilet" signs.  After hearing my outburst of laughter he very seriously added that he "really did."

4) Tonight while laying out his clothes, I had explained that he will be going to school a little earlier (which is how it works for p.m. Kindergarten) because then it is an early dismissal day.  He replied, "I don't quite know what you're talking about, so I'll just go with it."


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