First (Natural) Lost Tooth!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013
I have many things to update on...Thanksgiving, the kids' recent experience with Feed My Starving Children, Salvation Army Bell Ringing, and more.  However, a nasty little cold bug has settled into my face making any kind of productivity slow.  I can only hope I don't pass it onto others.

But I can't let today go by without reporting our exciting news!  Cole has lost his first  (well, third if you count the 2 that got help from an end table) tooth!  At first he thought maybe he wouldn't pull it until he was six.  Then he figured Christmas was a good goal.  But he soon found that a tooth that sticks out from in between your lips when your mouth is closed has to go.  After school he ate an apple (on the opposite side of his mouth) in the attempt to lose it.  After devouring it to the core, he finally just yanked it.  He was SO excited (and a little grossed out initially).  Hope the tooth fairy remembers to visit, because as Cole mentioned, he could use some money.



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