On Being 5 Again

Thursday, November 21, 2013
Singer John Mayer has a song about being age 6 again.  Where things like superhero capes and lunch boxes were where it was at.  I get this sentiment.  When we're tuned into so many types of media sending messages regarding politics, violence, illness, and tragedy, sometimes it would be really nice to go back to the time when your serious stuff consisted of having the right color crayon and having to dry off a wet swing.

I'd like to suggest that maybe we don't need a time machine, but just time with a 5 or 6-year old.  Lately, my time with Cole has been high quality and super good for the soul.  I mean, when you're 5, here are the things that you do:

  1. clothes pin a card to your bike spokes to accomplish a "motor" like sound
  2. watch a show about dogs that have rescue jobs at lunch.  everyday.
  3. see an empty paper towel roll and figure you should make a replica of your dog out of it.

    4. have a race to the mailbox.
    5. use your mom as a step stool to reach the Star Wars book at the library by yourself
    6. play model trains with a car filled with candy that makes frequent stops
    7. spontaneous games of hide and seek
    8. play board games daily
    9. take many moments to just hug a while
    10. half days of school

    Perhaps you're feeling a little less stressed just reading this list!  You're welcome.


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