A Little Catching Up

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Because I have “epically failed” (as my kids would say) on keeping this blog up to date.  Here is a quick list of what we’ve been up to.  You see, I try hard during this time of year to be less calculated and more in-the-moment such that the holidays don’t whiz by and leave me with only piled up store receipts and leftovers that I don’t remember eating the first time.  I’ve been doing that.  And that means I haven’t been doing this. 

But I haven’t forgotten.  So here goes…

1) Both of the bigs have had great opportunities lately.  For scouts, Will got to go to a late night Feed My Starving Children event.  This is where they form an assembly line and package dry meals – enough for thousands of meals – to be sent to third world countries.  Paige got the opportunity 2 days later with a birthday party.  There is something quite special about a large group of people gathering for a blessing around boxes they worked to fill that will travel the world and feed thousands of people in need.IMG_4070IMG_4117

2) Will also got to carry the flag at the monthly Cub Scout Pack meeting and ring the Salvation Army bell for Christmastime donations.


3) We had a wonderful thanksgiving with the Kelly side of the family.  Here are the kids helping in food prep…


4) We had a great day of Christmas decorating and birthday celebrating this past weekend as well.


Okay, now that we’re caught up, I’d like to get back to reporting the little events that I love so much – like the first shovel-able snow we had today and the fact that we squeezed 2 Christmas movies into our family Sunday.  Perfect.


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