Hanging in There

Tuesday, September 3, 2013
    Two weeks down in school and so far no meltdowns or total personality shifts.  This is a record in the Kelly household!
Having a three-day weekend and, therefore, only 4 days of school can only help, right?  I’m amazed at what we can get done even with extended hospital stays (for Rich) and visits with my grandmother in the nursing home. We have gotten household projects done, have had dinners with family, a nice dinner out with just our family, and some fun!
First, let me give you a snapshot of how the kids are handling homework based on their first statements off the bus today…
PAIGE: I only have a little bit of homework.  Can I have (insert friend’s name) come over?

WILL:  So…apparently I’m not going to like AT.  We get, like, double the homework.

COLE: (proudly) I have my first homework today!

And now, some pictures...

Friday before first Illini game!
Pit stop on a bike ride to the sprinkler park (look closely at Cole's feet - he gets blasted shortly after this shot was taken)

Visit with great Gram


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