Will is (and has been) 8!

Sunday, August 25, 2013
Before we start this second week of school, I must report on our summer birthday boy!  After all, Will starts talking birthday around January…not because he’s greedy or self-centered, necessarily, but because he LOVES birthdays!  (In fact, Paige just asked him what his favorite holiday was and he asked if birthdays count).

So, in planning, he knew he wanted 2 things: trick birthday candles and a piñata.  After much thought, he decided he wanted a theme of Mario.  He also forewent a large party for having a few friends spend the night.  I had to mentally prepare for this, as I knew what to expect from girls spending the night, but was clueless about what boys do at sleepovers.  Turns out, foosball tournaments and wrestling are where it’s at. 

Will's 8th (3)
Family party a couple weeks prior to his kid party.  Dinner request: burgers!
Will's 8th
Dirt bike jersey from G&G Kelly!
Will's 8th (12)
New Blackhawks shirt from the Diehls - has already worn it out!  Love that smile!
Will's 8th (35)
Pinata time! 
Will's 8th (25)
More than enough to go around
Will's 8th (18)
Pizza with friends!  Happy - as one should be on his birthday!
Actually they were a great group of nice boys and the party went awesome.  Of course, timing wasn’t great in that this was the morning we had to put Bailey to sleep.  After much consideration, we thought going ahead with the party would be a good diversion for all.  Thankfully, we were right.  
Happy birthday, William Quinn! 


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