Sunday, September 22, 2013
So this end of week / weekend was a little piece of crazy.  But it included us buying a new car!  This car replaced our beloved 8+ year-old mini van that I will forever miss, I think. I mean, we brought 2 of our 3 children home from the hospital in it!  But this ride, though big, is pretty fun to drive!
The end of this week into next week brings big changes that we have been looking forward to.
For the past 2 months, we have been visiting, texting, and, for Rich, spending the night with Rich’s father.  A cancer diagnosis and blood clots that led to a stroke has had him in the hospital for this number of weeks, at varying levels of functionality / health. 

He has been doing well now but, with ramifications to his left side, changes to his house had to be made.  Rich and my dad spent 2 days there widening doors, building ramps and making other modifications.  The kids and I joined them Saturday for some cleaning and an attempt at anything we could do to help.

The kids had made this banner to welcome them home.  They decorated it with all types of pictures – from things that reminded them of their visits at the hospital (Will’s hospital cafeteria cheeseburger obsession), to things that have to do with the season (football, pumpkin), to race car stickers (as Grandpa is a fan).

He is included in every mealtime prayer and we know that this change will be challenging.  We know that it will be different.  But we know it will be good to be home.


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