An End to an Era

Sunday, September 15, 2013
In 2008, we purchased a Power Wheel vehicle for our motor-head 3 year-old, Will, knowing that we had another boy who would probably enjoy it later, too.  We were right.  For five years, this “monster truck,” as it was called, was a permanent fixture in our backyard and brought hours of fun.  Check out this vintage footage:

But now, the toy has died.  We wore it out and to repair it would cost more than we think it would be worth.  It’s funny how all of the sudden you realize that a toy has nostalgic value.
There it sat on the end of the driveway.  Then there was a ring at the door and a middle-aged man asking if we were indeed throwing out the Ford F150.  We explained that we were and that it was broken.  He enthusiastically said he didn’t care – that his grandson is only 1 year-old now and just sitting in it would be fun, and he just bought a real truck just like it.  He would be back with it to pick it up.

It was like the story was straight from Disney’s Toy Story.  I might have even gotten choked up, much like I do when I watch those movies.  I hope the Monster Truck brings him just as much fun.


heresthediehl said...

are you kidding me? i just got choked up! my kids loved that when they visited, and i know what a staple it was in your house for so long! what a sweet grandpa that came by :)

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