Closing up September

Sunday, September 29, 2013
I’d like to take this moment to thank September for some pretty great weather.  And I know that some great forecasting helped our weekend to be all the more enjoyable.

It was a full weekend, but fun.  We had TGIF at our house Friday night (that stands for if you don’t have plans, let’s get together and just have some laughs after a busy work week…along with some food and drink).
Saturday brought tumbling for Paige and then a trip out to Rich’s parents to see how they’ve settled in.  I know the kids LOVED seeing Grandpa back home and Rich was able to finish up some work.  We also got to bring home Chip, cousin Kate’s beagle, because his new sister just had surgery and needs some no-play time.  The kids.  Were.  Pumped about this.  Since then, no less than 20 times have I heard Cole say, “I can’t believe we have Chip in our house!”  He’s a good little pup!
three kids plus three dogs and open space = fun!

Um, like, we don't normally allow this.  But, he IS cute.  And he DOES look comfy...

Sunday brought store-front popcorn sales for scouts for Will and Rich, while the rest of us cheered on cousin Riley in the kids triathlon.  Then, Paige and I traveled south a ways to support Spirit Cheer in a parade. 

Gotta love the bumpin' cheer music that makes every parade onlooker tap their feet!

On the (very rural) way home from the parade THIS was necessary to prove that the corn was indeed taller than her.  It also meant I got my pick of music the rest of the way home!

Being able to close off the night with snuggling in front of a movie finishes up the weekend perfectly.


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