A Day In the Life

Monday, September 9, 2013

I remember the days when my days revolved around naptimes and feedings.  And I remember daydreaming that at some point I will be more out and about.


I think I’m about at that point I was daydreaming about (all kids in elementary school), yet I’m still not feeling inclined to go get coffee with friends, as my 3 hours of free time are usually overscheduled each day as it is. (Yes, I know that this is my schedule to make – and I WILL make shopping and coffee a priority one of these days).

SO…here is a glimpse of what this “out and about” life is like:

7:15am: up and showered

8:15am: big kids off to school

8:30-11:30: various activities with Cole including a walk with Milo, board game, shrinky dinks, and cleaning the basement while he plays a little Wii.

11:45am: lunch

12:30pm: Cole catches bus

12:50pm: visit with grandma in nursing home

1:30pm: make trip out to specialty store for Cub Scouts uniform for Will

2:30pm: make stop at grocery store for a couple items because once a week shopping isn’t quite cutting it anymore!

3:00pm: home, iron Cub Scouts uniform for tonight’s meeting, only to find they don’t have to wear it.  Do some more ironing while the iron is on, because, let’s face it, it doesn’t happen very often.

3:40pm: all kids off bus; help with homework while prepping dinner.

5:00pm: take Paige to cheer – 35 minutes roundtrip

5:50pm: eat dinner with all boys, do dishes.

7:00pm: take Will to first Cub Scouts meeting go straight to..

7:30pm : pick up Paige from cheer, drop her off at house to have dinner and go straight to…

8:00pm: pick up Will from successful meeting.

8:15pm-8:45: talk with big kids, say goodnight

8:45pm on: pack lunches, clean up rest of dinner dishes, straighten up, get ready for tomorrow

9:30pm: blog then bed.


NOTABLE NOTES: usually there is laundry to fold.  This is one of those crazy days that I didn’t have a load going.  I’ll probably regret that tomorrow.  Also, there is almost always a workout worked in, but it was humid and 90’s and I’m just over that. And usually Rich will do the dishes, but dinner was in the crockpot that Paige still needed to dish from and he and Cole did a wooden project in the basement with their alone time.


Now, I’m well aware of the “grass is greener” syndrome.  I’m not trying to say that I dislike this newer lifestyle.  Like all phases of parenting, you adjust and find your new “happy moments.”  It used to be a restroom break with the door shut or happy baby giggles in the morning.  Now it’s a much better exercise regimen and great talks on car rides to and from commitments.  But so far, I see that in any phase, it is work with great reward.


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